How to use the Internet to commit profitable credit card fraud


I know what I'm talking about. I'm a victim. This is what got me started. One of my own e-gold accounts has been hacked into, and all the money has been stolen. I tried with to bring some clarity into what happened, but e-gold is doing a great job protecting hackers and thieves.

I'm not only a victim but also a researcher and writer. So, I did my homework (after the money was gone), and discovered a multitude of ways by which hackers and the mafia can use to get away with Internet crime, or large-scale crime in general. is essential in practically all the schemes I report about, as it is the great anonymizer of financial transactions.

It's so suited for criminal activities that I wonder why the mafia and other kidnap gangs don't use it to clear ransom money.

Yes, I want my money back, from channels that are very well protected by And if they don't rectify what is wrong, then I want them out of business so that my children and the rest of mankind will not be fleeced the same way as I was.

And I have a strategy for this: to publish the tricks that work with, so that those Mafia elements that are not yet aware of these tricks will also start using them.

When enough people have been defrauded through the use of, I assume that some authorities based in the US (the world's sheriff) will step in and bring the matter to a solution (as they did in Noriega's Panama), and their Bermuda hideout won't protect them.

Feel safe and protected with a business or personal credit card from Chase bank online.

So, what are the steps of using to commit Internet credit card fraud? (Please note: there is a parallel article that gives recommendations on how to protect yourself at each step).

The system will work primarily because e-gold,com protects the transactions that are done through its system. The whole process takes just 3 or 4 days. Most victims won't even notice that their funds have been looted before they get their next credit card statement.

Nothing the credit card companies can revert here, and they likely won't refund the holder, requesting that the transfer of the money into an account of the same name hasn't been effected by the card holder himself.